Give me a break! :)

By about 11:40 this morning I still hadn’t had more than a few sips of my first cup of coffee. My shoulder was hurting and I was feeling a little grumpy. I sat down in my chair and told the kids I was taking a break and they could just go ahead and kill each other if they wanted. I was thankful they didn’t really want to because I didn’t know how I would explain that to the parents.  (KIDDING!!!!)

I tried to sit and relax and drink my coffee, but that’s fairly impossible when there are 6 young children in the room.  Still, for a few moments they respected my need to sit for a bit. I asked if anyone had story or a song, and one of the boys yelled, “I don’t want stories or songs!” I told him he was welcome to play in the playroom where there would be no stories or songs. Soon someone handed me the giant T-rex, and using my best giant T-rex voice it became the daddy to the other T-rex (that I thought was big before we got the giant one). The T-rex family was soon joined by the triceratops family, the mastodon, and other assorted dinosaur neighbors. They had a party, and before long the sulky boy in the playroom came and tossed some Duplo blocks in my lap, saying it was dino food.

… and so there was much feasting and dancing and hugging and partying in my lap as I relaxed and drank my coffee in my chair.

The end

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