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Why do I love them?

I just answered a question about why I love children in the age group for which I care. I thought I’d share my answer with you. I love their boundless curiosity, imagination, and sense of wonder. I love watching them explore, learn, grow, and flourish. I love their unbridled glee and laughter at the craziest more »

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Long time no see

I tend to post mostly to my Facebook Page these days, and have neglected my website. Some updates: Photos are all posted on my Facebook Page now because I had too much difficulty with sharing the albums on my website. More current photos have been posted to my timeline rather than a specific album. I more »

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Photo Album Glitch

I just discovered my photo albums have been down. Until the issues is resolved, please see the photo albums on my Facebook page. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Featured on Red Tricycle

My outdoor playspace was included in Red Tricycle’s post, “Simple Ways to Transform Your Garden into a Playground Paradise.” Check out all the ideas shared. Sharon’s Garden is  slide 6.

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Give me a break! :)

By about 11:40 this morning I still hadn’t had more than a few sips of my first cup of coffee. My shoulder was hurting and I was feeling a little grumpy. I sat down in my chair and told the kids I was taking a break and they could just go ahead and kill each more »

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Certified Wildlife Habitat

Our yard is now a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. How fun is that? 🙂

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Standardized testing for kindergartners, common core, etc.

The other day I shared a post Tom Hobson wrote on his Teacher Tom blog about testing in kindergarten, and I asked what could be done. Please read and seriously consider his original article (This Is Child Abuse) and the two follow articles I linked below. I welcome respectful discussion. Quote from one of the more »

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Facebook Page

This is a feed from my Facebook Page.

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