Behavior Guidance

The rules of our household are rooted in the Golden Rule and revolve around three basic areas: respect for others, respect for ourselves, and respect for property. We are all learning how to get along with ourselves and others, and to take care of the world around us. It is a process, and my role is to help the children learn and develop these important skills. I think of discipline in terms of teaching, not punishment, and apply the Golden Rule to my actions and responses as well as to my expectations for the children.

I work hard to maintain a friendly, loving, atmosphere and routine that safely allows exploration and facilitates growth and development without an undue amount of “no-nos.” When conflicts and behavioral issues arise, I use positive guidance, appropriate for the developmental abilities of each child, to help children grow in self-control and taking responsibility for their own behavior.

I do my best to manage behavior in a positive, uplifting manner through modeling desired behavior, redirection, distraction, positive reinforcement, giving choices, active listening, natural and logical consequences, providing plenty of toys and activity options, and by allowing the children to work through situations themselves. As much as possible, I give the children opportunity to solve problems and work things out before I take any further action.

Conflict is a normal part of every day, and an important aspect of my job is to help children learn to deal with conflict and strong emotions  appropriately. I teach them to use their words, and tell the other person what they want to happen or to stop happening instead of screaming, hitting, grabbing, crying, tattling, etc. Instead of jumping in and resolving conflicts for them, I have them talk to the other person and help them figure out how to resolve the issue themselves.  They still need reminding, and help with words and solutions, but it is always gratifying to see them growing in this.

If there are serious or ongoing behavioral issues (such as regular biting, hitting, or breaking things), I will work with you to find solutions. Please don’t hesitate to come to me with questions or concerns.

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