Illness, Health, and Safety

I work hard to maintain a clean, healthy environment, including:

  • Washing hands before and after meals, snacks, coming in from outside, and after toileting;
  • Use of assigned beds and bedding for each child.
  • Regular sanitizing of toys and equipment
  • Use of paper towels instead of cloth towels or using assigned towels for each child.


I am not able to provide care for children who are ill, except for mild colds or ear infections that do not require isolation or special attentiveness. This is important for the well-being of your child, the other children in my care, and me.

If your child is ill, you must make alternate care arrangements. The child may return when the disease is no longer communicable.

I will not care for children who have the following diseases or symptoms:

  • Fever of 100° or more
  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting more than once in the previous 24 hour period
  • Severe or persistent coughing
  • Difficult or rapid breathing.
  • Yellowish skin or eyes.
  • Purulent (pus) eye discharge, or eye pain, or eye lid redness or fever.
  • Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes.
  • Unusually dark urine and /or gray or white stool.
  • Stiff neck with elevated temperature.
  • Lice, scabies, ringworm, or other parasitic infestations.
  • Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing.
  • Flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, strep throat, pink eye, or other communicable diseases

You must notify me as soon as possible if your child will not be here due to illness, or for any other reason. If children have any of the symptoms listed above, they will not be permitted to attend care until 24 hours after the last bout of fever, vomiting, or severe diarrhea, or until 24 hours after medical treatment has begun as prescribed by a physician. I will take children who are on prescribed medication when the doctor indicates they are no longer contagious.

If a child becomes ill during the day or is suspected of having a communicable disease, the child will be isolated from the other children until an authorized person picks him/her up. You will be expected to pick up the child within one hour of my call.

I will notify you of any exposure to contagious illness, disease, or infection in my program within 24 hours of when I become aware of it. In the event of head lice, the child must be treated and nit-free before returning to care. If a case of head lice is found in my home, all parents will be notified and everyone in my home will be checked.

Administering Medication

I require written instructions and authorization to administer medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription. All medications must be in the original container, labeled with the directions and the child’s name. Please let me know of any medications your child has taken prior to arriving at day care as well.


You are required to keep your child’s immunizations current and to provide up-to-date immunization records for me to keep on file here.

Allergies and Special Needs

You must notify me about any allergies or special needs when you enroll your child. We will discuss these things to ensure I have complete understanding of the situation and how to care for your child.


I take every precaution to prevent accidents and to ensure the safety of your child. If an accident does occur, first aid will be administered. I will not contact you related to minor bumps, scrapes, bruises, etc., but in the event of an emergency, you will be called as soon as possible and and emergency team may also be called. All charges are the responsibility of the parents. If I cannot reach you, I will call the other people you have listed as emergency contacts and you or your emergency contact will be expected to come at once.

If an emergency arises that requires me to leave, you will be expected to come immediately to pick up your children.

Drop off/Pick up

To ensure the safety of your child, only you or those listed on your authorization form may pick up your child. Please let me know in advance if someone other than you will be coming. This person must be on your authorization form and if I do not know the person, I will ask for identification before releasing your child. You are expected to come to the door during drop off and pick up so we can greet one another, discuss the day, and share important information.

Be aware that dropoff/pickup times can sometimes become a little hectic, with many emotions as children transition, and with many things happening at once. Please be prepared to take a few minutes to let your child wind down from the activities of the day and reconnect with you.  Also, please be alert and help ensure that no children go out the door unattended.

In operating my child care business, my first responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the children in my care. My expectation is that you will use appropriate safety equipment such as car seats and seat belts with your children. I will not release a child to someone who I suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If in my opinion a child cannot be safely transported to or from my home, I will ask you not to transport the child and will propose the alternatives listed below. If you refuse to agree to one of these alternatives and insist on transporting the child, I will immediately call the police and report the unsafe situation.

  1. I will call someone to pick up your child from the list of people who are authorized to do so.
  2. I will call a cab to pick up you and your child. You will pay the cab fare.

Other Health and Safety Issues

  • We have a friendly Great Dane that is kept in a separate area of the house from the children.
  • There is no swimming pool on my property, and my home is not near a lake, river, or standing body of water. I do let the children play in a wading pool in the summer and participate in other supervised water play.
  • No one in this home smokes, drinks, uses drugs, or profane language.
  • I am certified in CPR and Basic First Aid

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