My Philosophy

I believe strongly that child care should:

  • be loving, nurturing, and consistent
  • be play-based (see “The Importance of Play-Based Learning“)
  • be home-like in atmosphere, processes, and routine
  • have play spaces that are natural, kid-friendly, and full of potential for exploration and adventure.
  • be safe and wholesome

It is hard to condense my philosophy into a few sentences or paragraphs, but it hinges on my fundamental belief that we are all born with value and purpose.

  • I want them to know that they are loved and valued and valuable.
  • I want them to experience new things, and to not be fearful.
  • I want them to grow in respect, in caring for others, and in helpfulness and responsibility.
  • I want them to have opportunity to solve problems, work through things, have brilliant ideas, have not-so-brilliant ideas (and be OK with that), to work together, and to feel successful.
  • I want to help them experiment, explore, discover, and develop their gifts and talents.
  • I want to be a partner with the parents in giving their children a solid foundation upon which to build as they continue to grow and develop through school and life.
  • I want the love of God to be tangible in this place.

It is my hope that the love, nurture, atmosphere, and experiences they encounter here will have lasting consequences for good in their lives.

I see my primary role as being a loving, nurturing caregiver and facilitator who opens doors for growth, exploration, and learning through the day-to-day flow of life.  I plan activities, and we have specific routines, but to a large degree, activity-wise, I flow with what the children are doing.  Learning, wonder, and growth flow naturally out of what is happening in our day as the children are allowed to be who they are: playful, imaginative, creative, helpful, loving, emotional, interesting, interested, funny, serious, etc. The children also have responsibility for taking good care of things, for cleaning up after themselves, and for helping with necessary tasks (food prep, table setting, washing dishes, putting toys away, etc.).

I believe play is an extraordinarily powerful means through which children learn. I believe creativity, ingenuity, and many intrinsically valuable attributes are developed as children are allowed to play freely and their amazing intellects and imaginations are nurtured and allowed expression. (see “The Importance of Play-Based Learning) We have rules and boundaries, but I find that when the routine is good, when individual personalities and temperaments are valued, and play-based learning is my focus, discipline issues are minimal. I am loving facilitator, teacher, lid-lifter, and guide. I set the atmosphere and enforce the boundaries that give the children confidence to play, learn, experience, grow, try new things, and be who God created them to be.

Even when we have cranky or challenging moments, no matter what, the children will know I love them and they will feel safe with me. That’s the bottom line.


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