Hours, Rates, and Fees

January 2012 

Business Hours

My hours are from 7am-6pm, Monday through Friday. In special circumstances I may agree to provide care outside of those hours. Any changes to your schedule must be pre-approved based on availability. An extra fee may be charged.

Rates and Fees

Tuition payments are used to provide the highest possible quality of care and environment for your child. My rates are  comparable to what is charged by other child care services in this area. Your fees include meals and snacks, and all basic supplies and materials. Parents must supply diapers, and infant formula or breast milk. Additional fees may include late fees or fees for special project/activities.

Your fee is based on your needs and contracted hours of care. Once fees are set you pay the same amount each week year-round.  Contact me for more specific information about rates

Special Circumstances

Fees for special circumstances such as holding spots, summers off, and occasional overtime or non-traditional hours will be determined on a case by case basis.


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